Callafornia Calla colored mini callas

Callafornia Callas
® is a registered trademark for CallaCo® Mini Callas. Offered in both traditional and specialty colors, these Mini Callas range in length from 30 centimeters to 50 centimeters (link to size chart) and are great for special occasions like weddings and graduations and can be the perfect accent to home decor. Callas are revered for their elegance and beauty so a gift of Mini Callas is perfect for those held in special esteem.
White image of Gem Purple
White Purple
Crystal Blush Midnight
Crystal Clear  
Yellow Pastel Pink
Yellow Pink
Strawberry Parfait
Mint Julep Parfait
Lemon Drop Eclipse
Orange Hot Pink
Flame Garnet Glow
Fire Dancer Lipstick
Fire Glow Peach
Petite Syrah
  Coral Passion
  Ruby Sensation
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